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While working and living in Singapore.
You are confused about how to protect yours and your family’s financial future (be it temporary, potentially a permanent stay or transferring elsewhere later).
You want to but don’t know how to start investing in your financial future regardless of where you are.
You are tired of long-winded and insincere sales pitch from other financial advisers.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.

- Goethe

I am Li Ru,
your personal professional financial advisor.
I am also an expat from China so I can empathise and respect your concerns. My specialty lies in handling these kinds of cases to know which of them work best for you.
I understand your difficulty and I can create clear professional solutions to help you choose easily. These are options that are tailored made just for you.
I promise to take the time to explain complex policies clearly and I always follow-up on my cases and clients to check that they are satisfied.

Meeting Li Ru

What Others Say about Li Ru

Li Ru is an attentive and professional financial advisor. She is always available and provides professional and credible solutions.
Ecom Manager
Cash n Converters
Li Ru is a trustworthy and an agent that thinks on behalf of her clients with care and consideration. She is sincere, patient and readily available.
Chen Guojun
Assistant Professor
I chose Li Ru to be my professional advisor because I found her to be easy going and easy to reach. However, she is serious about providing professional and serious financial advice to her clients.
Zou Ying
Software Engineer

2017 Prudential Award Night

Senior Financial Consultant Promotion

2018 Pathfinder Star FC

2018 International Dragon Award Winner


World Traveller


Contact Li Ru and see how she can help your present life in Singapore feel safer and your financial future more secure, even when you move away.

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